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Welcome to Brigham Knows Best! I’m Monica and thank you for visiting my blog. My blogging journey first began in 2012. Writing and creating my very own site had been an idea of mine for many years. One day I decided why not? …and I jumped right in! Since then my blog has grown and change with me. Life has changed in many ways and my site has come on the ride. From getting engaged, becoming a wife, owning a house, and now being mother.


Want to know a little bit about me? There are 3 fun facts!

I’m married to a wonderful man and we have a beautiful baby girl and sassy 3 pound chihuahua. I actually first talking to my husband in high school. Crazy to think I’m in my 30’s now!


I LOVE coffee! Something you will find me drinking every morning is a cup of coffee with a fun flavored creamer. I also enjoy a nice mug, preferably a Disney one. Which brings me to my next fact about me…

Disney is life! Ever since I was a child I have loved Disney and everything about it. If I could live in the Magic Kingdom I would. If I’m not visiting the parks I’m dreaming about it. The next time we go will be really special as it will be the first time we go as a family with our little one.